Cordell Taylor

Cordell Taylor is a Utah sculptor whose work is shown throughout the United States and Europe. He likes to draw on his past when he worked on oil rigs and as an iron worker. His recent work involves reassembling an engineered form into a pleasing abstract form. He just received a commission from Salt Lake City for an outdoor sculpture in the downtown business district. Cordell's roots are in rural Utah and his formal education was at the University of Utah.

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Larry Estridge

In more recent years, Larry Estridge's work focused on abstract sculpture works in steel and aluminum, which build on his long-term fascination with primary forms in nature and their reflection in diverse art-historical contexts.
In the pieces shown here, the sculptor works with uniformly-wide metal strips, a break (which bends and folds the material) and a slip roller (with which he creates curves), to fashion diverse elements which are combined into more complex structures through improvisatory and chance operations.
The finely worked, industrially-finished pieces, with their complex topological surfaces that actively play off one another with changing light and vantage point, offer diverse readings of archetypal content. Larry Estridge lived and worked in Torrey, Utah, Key West, Florida, and New York City. His work is represented in prominent collections throughout the country.

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Silvia Davis

As an artist living and working in Wayne County, I've been fortunate to have access to the local barn wood. Old barns, fences, and corals provide me with a medium which has a rich, antiqued surface created by time and weather.
I reclaim this distressed material, pull out the rocks, dirt and nails and resurface the dull exterior. A surprising combination of old and new emerges once I partially plane the wood and leave some of the original surface.
I then laminate blocks in many layers, carve and glaze the barn wood to create my sculpture. I feel this process is similar to the process of creation and destruction which I see in the landscape that surrounds me.
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